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Classic Skulls

Classic 3 Part Adult Skull Classic Numbered Skull
Classic 3-Part Adult Skull
    The classic skulls combine quality and value.  All important anatomical structures are shown.  Designed with exceptional detail at an affordable price.  These life-size 3-Part skulls are a first choice for basic anatomical studies or an attractive medical present.  
No. SH212-CA.  Only $119.95
Classic Numbered Skull
   This three-part classic skull is identical to the one listed above, but has been numbered to identify important features listed on the key card. 
No. SH212-CB.  Only 154.95

Classic Skull with Cervical Vertebrae
  This 4-part skull is flexibly mounted on a stand with a cervical spine.  Also represented are the hindbrain spinal cord, cervical nerves, vertebral arteries, basilar artery and rear cerebral arteries.
No. SH212-CC.  Only $219.95
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