Scale Model Skeletons

Petite Pete
  This elementary-level, desktop skeleton model is flexibly wired to allow movement and positioning of the arms and legs. Artists pose them as models for sketching, but they also make a nice accent piece for the home or the office. 8" tall.  Unbreakable, bone-colored plastic.  Fully assembled. 

Tiny Tim
  Our most popular miniature skeleton features include a movable jaw on springs, a skull whose top half opens for a look inside, and arms and legs that are removable for individual study.  Washable, unbreakable plastic.  Stand included along with an elementary skeleton chart and detailed key card.  Comes fully assembled.  16.5" tall.
Painted Paul
   Stands 25 1/2" tall.  Paul has muscle insertions and origins painted on the left side and numbers of important features on the right side. Calvarium is cut and the jaw is spring mounted. Arms, legs and skull are removable.  Stand is included
No. SH221-AA.  Only $19.95
No. SH221-AB.  Only $29.95
No. SH221-AC.  Only $59.95

Mr. Thrifty Flexible Mr. Thrifty Painted Mr. Thrifty Budget Bart
Mr. Thrifty Skeleton
   An economical teaching skeleton with a removable calvarium.  You can have him dance or wave.   This  user-friendly personality encourages learning the names of the bones.   Highly detailed and will satisfy the needs of students, artists, doctors - or anyone else interested in the human skeleton.  Comes with a key card and a heavy metal stand.  Although Mr. Thrifty stands a whopping 33.5" inches tall, he is economical enough for any budget, which is how he got his name. 
No. SH221-BA. Only $89.95
Flexible Mr. Thrifty Skeleton
   A more advanced version of the Mr. Thrifty skeleton, this valuable teaching aid features a flexible spine with spinal cord, nerve roots, the vertebral artery, a herniated disc, cartilage, with removable three piece skull and extremities.  A popular desktop model for rehabilitation, physical therapy and sports medicine professionals.  A key card and deluxe stand are included.  33.5" tall.
No. SH221-BB. Only $124.95
Painted & Numbered Mr. Thrifty Skeleton
   This Mr. Thrifty has muscle insertions and origins painted on the left side and numbers of important features on the right side. Calvarium is cut and jaw is spring mounted. Arms, legs and skull are removable. Comes with stand
No. SH221-BC. Only $139.95
Budget Bart
  This 3/4 life size skeleton is economically  priced and features spinal nerves, vertebral artery, jaw on spring and cut calvarium. Knee, should and hip art articulated.  Hands and feet are not 
No. SH221-GA.  Only $179.95

Mini Mike Skeleton
  These are the top of the line mini skeletons. Accurately reproduce  all anatomical details and structure. The skull, arms and legs can be removed. The Skull disassembles into 3 parts.  Specially mounted hip joints demonstrate natural rotation of the hips and flexible spine has soft intervertebrae disks.  Made of unbreakable plastic and hand-assembled.
No. SH221-MA. Only $189.95
Mini Mike with Pelvic Joint
Fully articulated joint.
No. SH221-MB. Only $234.95
Mini Mike with Painted Muscles
Shows muscle insertions and origins. The stand can be placed on a table or attached to a wall
No. SH221-MC. Only $307.95
Mini Mike with Painted &
Numbered Muscles

Comes with pelvic mount stand.
No. SH221-MD. Only $319.95
Mini Mike Skeleton Painted Muscles