Budget Skeletons
BudgetButch Numbered Butch
Budget Butch 
    He's earned his name.  This life-size articulated adult plastic skeleton is ideal for teaching the basics of anatomy. He is 5 foot six inches tall. Butch is tough and very economically priced. The arms and legs are removable for study.  Features nerve branches, vertebral artery and herniated lumbar disc.  Skull includes movable jaw, cut calvarium, suture lines and three removable lower teeth. Mounted on a roller stand.  Also comes with dust cover and skeletal system chart.  Not shown, but Identical to the Painted Butch shown above, except that muscle insertion and origins are not painted. Comes with stand.
No. SH222-AA, Only $299.95
Budget Butch - Numbered
   Same as Budget Butch, but 200 parts are hand numbered.  The numbers correspond to included skeletal system chart.
No. SH222-AB. Only $329.95
Budget Butch - Painted & Numbered
    Muscle insertions and origins are painted on the left side and numbers of important features on the right side. Calvarium is cut and jaw is spring mounted. Arms, legs and skull are removable. Hands and feet are fully articulated. Stand included.
No. SH222-AC. Only $429.95

Smart Sam on Hanging Stand

Smart Sam
   This classic skeleton has been the standard of quality in hospitals, schools, universities and laboratories for many years.  This life-size, articulated adult
human skeleton features intricate textural nuances and has long been used for teaching and demonstration purposes. The arms and legs are removable for individual study.  The skull dissects into three parts with the mandible on springs (32 teeth).  Mounted on a metal rod which extends from the sacrum.  Complete with a sturdy moveable stand, zippered dust cover and skeletal system chart. 
   Sam is 5' 5" tall.
No. SH222-BA. Only $279.95
Smart Sam on Hanging Stand
No. SH222-BA. Only $434.95