Disarticulated Skeletons
Budget Disarticulated Skeleton
   Life-size, disarticulated adult skeleton model includes 3-part skull, left hand and left foot on wire.
No. SH226-AA. Only $189.95
Budget Disarticulated Half Skeleton
Includes on leg and foot, one arm and hand, half the ribs, skull, one shoulder.
No. SH226-AB. Only $109.95

Painted Disarticulated Skeleton
   Shown above.  This special version is hand-painted and numbered to show muscle origins in red and muscle insertions in blue on the left side.  All bones and bony structures such as fissures, foramina and processes are hand numbered on the right side. The skull is detachable into 3 parts. One hand and one foot on wire. Set of arms and one leg loosely connected.  Comes with a multilingual key card to identify over 600 numbered anatomical structures.  Supplied in s sturdy partitioned storage box.
No. SH226-BC.  Only $669.95
All Classic Skeletons come in sturdy compartmentalized storage box.
Classic Disarticulated Full Skeleton
   Same as above, but not painted.  One hand and foot is connected by wire.  The other is fully disarticulated.
No. SH226-BA.  Only $384.95
Classic Disarticulated Half Skeleton
    Same as above, but only one arm and leg and half the ribs.  Complete with mounted skull, sternum, hyoid and spinal column.  Hand and foot on wire.
Comes in a sturdy storage box.
No. SH226-BB. Only $327.95

All Classic Disarticulated Skeletons come in sturdy compartmentalized storage box.