Miniature Spines
Budget Miniature Spine Classic Miniature Spine
Budget Miniature Spine
Highly flexible model is ideal for desks and counters. This detailed, lifelike spine features pelvis, nerve branches, vertebral artery, movable femur heads, occipital bone, and herniated lumbar disc. Stand and key card with 54 identified structures are included. Size: 18-1/2" tall. Weight: 6 lbs.
No. SH230-AA. $59.95
Classic Miniature Spine
Model with squama occipitalis and pelvis. The vertebral column is mounted flexibly to demonstrate natural movements and pathological changes. If you have a budget or space restraint but don't want to sacrifice anatomical detail this min spinal column is for you. Delivered without stand.
No. SH230-BA. Only $114.95

Classic Miniature Spine with Stand
Same as above, but stand is included.

No. SH230-BB. Only $124.95