Basic Vertebrae
Basic 3-Piece w/ card 5-Piece Vertebrae with Sacrum
3-Piece Vertebrae Set
   Realistic life-size anatomical model shows L2, L3 and L4 with intervertebrals discs. and lumbar nerve section. This model is fully articulated. Comes mounted on stand with key card identifying all parts. 
No. SH235-AA. Only $79.95
5-Piece Vertebrae with Sacrum
   Full size L1 through L5 with sacrum. Full lumbar nerve with right side sacral nerve and sciatic branch. Also includes a herniated disc. Comes mounted on stand with key card identifying all parts.
No. SH235-AB. Only $119.95

Deluxe Muscled Cervical
Full size model features brain stem, occipital bone, atlas and axis through C7, with herniated disc, T1 and T3. This model has a soft cerebellum, full nerve with right side brachial plexus. Muscles include suboccipital triangle, longus capitis, levator scapulae, scalenus medius posterior and anterior. The right first and second ribs are also featured and include cartilage.  Model Size: 5-1/2" x 6-1/2" x 10"
No. SH235-AC. Only $279.95

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Budget Lumbar Vertebrae with Discs Budget 4 part Lumbar Set
Budget Lumbar Vertebrae with Discs
   Demonstrates herniated disc in relation to vertebrae and spinal cord. Includes normal, central herniation and dorsal herniation discs. Dissects into six parts. Made of durable flexible plastic and comes mounted on base.
No. SH235-BA. Only $29.95
Budget 4 part Lumbar Set
    Four lumbar vertebrae shown with one herniated disc and two normal discs. Includes spinal cord with nerve roots. Dissects into 8 parts. Mounted on a sturdy metal rod. Size: 6" x 3".
No. SH235-BB. Only $29.95