Dental Hygiene

Budget Giant Tooth Brushing Model Dental Care Model
Budget Giant Tooth Brushing Model
     Demonstrate the correct way to brush teeth and gums with this economical model.  Includes a giant-size, soft nylon bristle toothbrush.  Models measures six inches from molar to molar.  Toothbrush is over 14 inches long.
No. SH296-AA. Only $49.95
Dental Care Model
    This giant dental care mode is three times life size, large enough to be seen from the back of a classroom. It shows the upper and lower half of an adult's dentition. A flexible joint between the jaws allows easy movement of the dental care model. Teach kids the proper teeth cleaning techniques using the giant toothbrush included with this dental care model. 
No. SH296-BA. Only $274.95