Advanced Life-Size Hearts
Heart Condition Model
   A larger than life 6-piece model illustrates the following heart conditions: Atherosclerosis/ Coronary Artery Disease and its progression in the blood vessel, Myocardial Infarction and damage, blocked artery and Left Ventricular Hypertrophy. Heart is sectioned into 2 parts to show the thickened ventricle walls, and cardiac valves. Includes four (4) individual blood vessels models show the progression of atherosclerosis.color, 2-sided, sturdy plastic 8.5" x 11" chart; one side showing normal anatomy and the other side showing several heart conditions such as agina, common areas of coronary artery blockage, myocardial infarction (heart attack), left ventricutlar hypertorphy (LVH), progression of atherosclerosis and coronary artery disease and arteriosclerosis.
No. SH334-AA.  Only $179.95

7-Part Heart
   This anatomical model of the human heart shows it horizontally sectioned at the level of the valve plane.  The following parts can be removed: esophagus, trachea, superior vena cava, aorta, front heart wall and upper half of the heart.  Comes with base.
No. SH334-BA.  Only $329.95

2-Part Life-size Heart

Life Size Coronary Bypass

2-Part Life-size Heart
   This resilient vinyl heart divides into anterior and posterior sections to access its pumping chambers and valves. Vibrant  colors permanently bond with the vinyl model, and are guaranteed not chip, crack, fade, peel or transfer. Vessels are color-coded red or blue to indicate whether they carry oxygenated or deoxygenated blood. Significant cardiac features, 33 in all, are hand numbered on the model for identification in the accompanying key. Nesting on a form-fitting display base, the heart lifts off for hands-on observation and study.

NOTE: This is hand-made model, custom made to order.  Please allow 4 weeks for delivery.

No. SH334-CA.  Only $229.95
Life Size Coronary Bypass Heart
   Same as the above, but fitted with detachable and re-attachable bypass vessels for demonstrating single, double and triple coronary bypass grafts, as well as the normal heart without bypass. 

NOTE: This is hand-made model, custom made to order.  Please allow 4 weeks for delivery.

No. SH334-CB.  Only $239.95